ThreadResultRef< Result< RESULTVALUETYPE > > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ThreadResultRef< Result< RESULTVALUETYPE > >, including all inherited members.

_implBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
_objectBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
AssimilateAlienThread()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
BaseRef()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
BaseRef(std::nullptr_t)=deleteBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
BaseRef(T *o)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
BaseRef(ForwardResultPtr< PTR > o)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >explicit
BaseRef(ResultPtr< T > o, Int)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >explicit
BaseRef(const BaseRef &src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
BaseRef(const REF &src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
BaseRef(REF &src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
BaseRef(BaseRef &&src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
BaseRef(REF &&src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
Cancel()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
CancelAndWait(WAITMODE mode=WAITMODE::DEFAULT)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
ConstReferencedType typedefBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
Create(FN &&src, ARGS &&... args) -> ResultMemT< ThreadResultRef< decltype(src(std::forward< ARGS >(args)...))>>ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
maxon::BaseRef::Create(ARGS &&... args)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >static
CreateThread(FN &&src, ARGS &&... args)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >privatestatic
DirectlyReferencedType typedefBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
Disconnect()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
GCCWorkaroundRun(THREADPRIORITY priority)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >private
GenericVarianceCheck(const void *)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >static
GetCurrentThread()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
GetCurrentThreadCount()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
GetCurrentThreadType()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
GetCurrentThreadType(Int &threadIdentifier)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
GetHashCode() constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
GetOrNull() constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
GetPointer()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
GetPointer() constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
GetResult(TimeValue timeout=TIMEVALUE_INFINITE, WAITMODE mode=WAITMODE::DEFAULT) constThreadResultRef< Result< RESULTVALUETYPE > >
Handler typedefBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
IsCancelled() constThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
IsCurrentThreadCancelled(const ThreadInterface *optionalThread=nullptr)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
IsCurrentThreadCancelled(const ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE > &optionalThread)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
IsGenericBaseOf typedefBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
IsMainThread()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
IsRunning() constThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
MakeWritable(Bool resetOnError=true)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
NullValue()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
NullValueRef()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >static
ObservableFinished()ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
operator Bool() constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >explicit
operator Bool()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >explicit
operator ConstReferencedType *() constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator T*()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator!=(const ThreadRefTemplate &other) constThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
maxon::BaseRef::operator!=(const BaseRef &b) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
maxon::BaseRef::operator!=(const T *b) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
maxon::BaseRef::operator!=(typename std::remove_const< T >::type *b) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
maxon::BaseRef::operator!=(std::nullptr_t) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator*()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator*() constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator+(Int) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >private
operator-(Int) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >private
operator-(const BaseRef &) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >private
operator->()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator->() constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator<(const BaseRef &b) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator=(T *src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator=(std::nullptr_t src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator=(const BaseRef &src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator=(const REF &src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator=(REF &src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator=(BaseRef &&src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator=(REF &&src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator==(const ThreadRefTemplate &other) constThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
maxon::BaseRef::operator==(const BaseRef &b) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
maxon::BaseRef::operator==(const T *b) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
maxon::BaseRef::operator==(typename std::remove_const< T >::type *b) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
maxon::BaseRef::operator==(std::nullptr_t) constBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
operator[](Int) const =deleteBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
PrivateLookupFn()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >static
PrivateNullValue(std::false_type *)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >privatestatic
PrivateNullValue(std::true_type *)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >privatestatic
PrivateSetPointer(T *ptr)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
PrivateSetTarget(ResultPtr< T > src)BaseRef< T, HANDLER >
Ptr typedefThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >private
RefCompareType typedefBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
ReferencedType typedefBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
Run(FN &&src, THREADPRIORITY priority=THREADPRIORITY::NORMAL) -> ResultMemT< ThreadResultRef< decltype(src())>>ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
Run(FN &&src, THREADPRIORITY priority, ARGS &&... args) -> ResultMemT< ThreadResultRef< decltype(src(std::forward< ARGS >(args)...))>>ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >static
SelfType typedefBaseRef< T, HANDLER >
ThreadRefTemplate(const Ptr &src)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
ThreadRefTemplate(Ptr &&src)ThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
ThreadResultRef(const ThreadRef &src)ThreadResultRef< Result< RESULTVALUETYPE > >explicit
ThreadResultRef(ThreadRef &&src)ThreadResultRef< Result< RESULTVALUETYPE > >explicit
ToString(const FormatStatement *formatStatement=nullptr) constThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
Wait(TimeValue timeout=TIMEVALUE_INFINITE, WAITMODE mode=WAITMODE::DEFAULT) constThreadRefTemplate< INTERFACE >
~BaseRef()BaseRef< T, HANDLER >