StrongReferenceCounter Class Reference

#include <atomictypes.h>

Detailed Description

Atomic reference counter.

Public Types

using ValueType = UInt

Public Member Functions

 StrongReferenceCounter ()
 StrongReferenceCounter (const StrongReferenceCounter &)
void operator= (const StrongReferenceCounter &)
Bool Inc ()
Bool Dec ()
Bool ConditionalInc ()
void Add (UInt additionalReferences)
void SetRelaxed (UInt referenceCount)
 operator UInt () const
Bool HasMultipleReferences () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const StrongReferenceCounterNullValue ()
static StrongReferenceCounterGet (const void *object)

Protected Attributes

AtomicUInt _value

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ValueType

using ValueType = UInt

The underlying integral type of this reference counter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StrongReferenceCounter() [1/2]

◆ StrongReferenceCounter() [2/2]

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

void operator= ( const StrongReferenceCounter )

◆ Inc()

Bool Inc ( )

Increments reference counter (the caller acquires a strong reference).

True for the very first reference, otherwise false.

◆ Dec()

Bool Dec ( )

Decrements reference counter (the caller removes a strong reference).

True if no more strong references are held, otherwise false.

◆ ConditionalInc()

Bool ConditionalInc ( )

Adds a reference if the object is still strongly referenced.

True if a strong reference was added, false if the object is currently being destructed.

◆ Add()

void Add ( UInt  additionalReferences)

Adds references.

[in]additionalReferencesThe number of additional references to add.

◆ SetRelaxed()

void SetRelaxed ( UInt  referenceCount)

Sets a specifc reference count - for initialization only!

You must guarantee that the access is exclusive and single-threaded. Use only for initialization of static objects which are not to destructed.

◆ operator UInt()

operator UInt ( ) const

Returns the number of strong references to the object.

The number of strong references.

◆ HasMultipleReferences()

Bool HasMultipleReferences ( ) const

Returns whether an object has more than a single reference. For an object without a reference it will return false. For an object with one reference it will return false. For an object with a single reference and weak references it will return true. For an object with two references it will return true.

True if the object has more than a single reference, false otherwise.

◆ NullValue()

static const StrongReferenceCounter& NullValue ( )

◆ Get()

static StrongReferenceCounter& Get ( const void *  object)

Returns the reference counter for classes which do not implement custom AddReference/RemoveReference methods.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _value

AtomicUInt _value