SourceControlChangeEntry Class Reference

#include <sourcecontrol.h>

Detailed Description

Return value of GetChanges() and GetMissingIntegrations().

Public Member Functions

 SourceControlChangeEntry ()
HashInt GetHashCode () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Result< void > DescribeIO (const DataSerializeInterface &stream)

Public Attributes

Int _changeList
UniversalDateTime _dateTime
String _userName
String _workspaceName
String _status
String _description
String _changeType
Url _path

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SourceControlChangeEntry()

Member Function Documentation

◆ DescribeIO()

static Result<void> DescribeIO ( const DataSerializeInterface stream)

Describe all elements of this class for I/O operations.

[in]streamThe stream that is used to register the class members.
OK on success.

◆ GetHashCode()

HashInt GetHashCode ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ _changeList

Int _changeList

Change list number of this entry.

◆ _dateTime

UniversalDateTime _dateTime

Date and time when the changelist has been submitted.

◆ _userName

String _userName

User name which submitted the change list.

◆ _workspaceName

String _workspaceName

Client workspace that submitted the change list.

◆ _status

String _status

Status of the changelist. Should be "submitted".

◆ _description

String _description

The description text of the change list.

◆ _changeType

String _changeType

public or private change

◆ _path

Url _path

common path