ServiceAnnouncementInterface Class Reference

#include <network_service_discovery.h>

Detailed Description

An active service announcement.

Public Types

using ModifierCallback = Delegate< Result< void >(ServiceDiscovery::DataMap &customData)>

Public Member Functions

MAXON_METHOD ServiceBusRef GetServiceBus () const
MAXON_METHOD void Cancel ()
MAXON_METHOD Result< void > ModifyCustomData (const ModifierCallback &modifyFunc)

Private Member Functions

 MAXON_INTERFACE_NONVIRTUAL (ServiceAnnouncementInterface, MAXON_REFERENCE_NORMAL, "net.maxon.interface.serviceannouncement")

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ModifierCallback

Member Function Documentation


MAXON_INTERFACE_NONVIRTUAL ( ServiceAnnouncementInterface  ,

◆ GetServiceBus()

MAXON_METHOD ServiceBusRef GetServiceBus ( ) const

Returns the service bus this announcement is bound to.

◆ Cancel()

MAXON_METHOD void Cancel ( )

Cancels the announcement if it is active.

◆ ModifyCustomData()

MAXON_METHOD Result<void> ModifyCustomData ( const ModifierCallback modifyFunc)

Calls the passed delegate, which can then modify the custom data associated with this announcement.