ParallelFor::BreakContext Class Reference

#include <parallelfor.h>

Inheritance diagram for ParallelFor::BreakContext:

Detailed Description

Context for ParallelFor loops that support cancellation.

Public Types

using ResultValueType = Result< void >
- Public Types inherited from ParallelFor::BaseContext
using ResultValueType = void

Public Member Functions

void Break (Result< void > result=OK)
Bool IsCancelled () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ParallelFor::BaseContext
 BaseContext ()
template<typename INDEXTYPE >
void PrivateInit (INDEXTYPE from, INDEXTYPE to, Int threadIndex, BreakCondition *breakCondition)
template<typename FN , typename CONTEXT , typename INDEXTYPE >
void Invoke (FN &obj, INDEXTYPE i)
Bool IsCancelled () const
Int GetWorkerThreadIndex () const
void UpdateWorkerThreadIndex (Int threadIndex=JobRef::GetCurrentWorkerThreadIndex())
Int GetLocalThreadIndex () const
void Break (Result< void > result=OK)

Static Public Member Functions

static ResultValueType Return (Result< void > &&r)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ParallelFor::BaseContext
static ResultValueType Return (Result< void > &&r)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ParallelFor::BaseContext
Int _from
Int _to
Int _workerThreadIndex
Int _localContextIndex
Result< void > _result

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ResultValueType

using ResultValueType = Result<void>

Member Function Documentation

◆ Break()

void Break ( Result< void >  result = OK)

Asks all ParallelFor threads to cancel.

[in]resultUsed to return an optional error.

◆ IsCancelled()

Bool IsCancelled ( ) const

Returns true if the loop should be quit.

True if the loop should be quit.

◆ Return()

static ResultValueType Return ( Result< void > &&  r)