NetworkIpAddrPort Class Reference

#include <network_ip_addr.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MAXON_DEFAULT_REFERENCE_CONSTRUCTORS (NetworkIpAddrPort, NetworkIpAddrPortInterface::Reference)
 NetworkIpAddrPort (UChar a, UChar b, UChar c, UChar d, Int32 port)
 NetworkIpAddrPort (UInt16 x1, UInt16 x2, UInt16 x3, UInt16 x4, UInt16 x5, UInt16 x6, UInt16 x7, UInt16 x8, UInt32 port)
 NetworkIpAddrPort (const NetworkIpAddr &addr, Int32 port)
 NetworkIpAddrPort (const sockaddr_storage *addr)
 NetworkIpAddrPort (WILDCARD_IPV4_ADDRESS_TYPE, Int32 port)
 NetworkIpAddrPort (WILDCARD_IPV6_ADDRESS_TYPE, Int32 port)
String ToString (const FormatStatement *formatStatement=nullptr) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NetworkIpAddrPort() [1/6]

NetworkIpAddrPort ( UChar  a,
UChar  b,
UChar  c,
UChar  d,
Int32  port 

◆ NetworkIpAddrPort() [2/6]

NetworkIpAddrPort ( UInt16  x1,
UInt16  x2,
UInt16  x3,
UInt16  x4,
UInt16  x5,
UInt16  x6,
UInt16  x7,
UInt16  x8,
UInt32  port 

◆ NetworkIpAddrPort() [3/6]

NetworkIpAddrPort ( const NetworkIpAddr addr,
Int32  port 

◆ NetworkIpAddrPort() [4/6]

NetworkIpAddrPort ( const sockaddr_storage *  addr)

◆ NetworkIpAddrPort() [5/6]

◆ NetworkIpAddrPort() [6/6]

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◆ ToString()

String ToString ( const FormatStatement formatStatement = nullptr) const

Returns a readable string of the content.

[in]formatStatementNullptr or additional formatting instruction. Currently no additional formatting instructions are supported.
The converted result.