MediaOutputUrlInterface Class Reference

#include <mediasession_output.h>

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Detailed Description

The MediaOutputInterface class provides an specific implementation to provide output data to a given destination.

Public Member Functions

MAXON_METHOD Url GetOutputUrl () const
MAXON_METHOD Result< void > SetOutputUrl (const Url &url)
MAXON_METHOD const FileFormat & GetFileFormat () const
MAXON_METHOD Result< BoolEditSystemOptions (DataDictionary &settings, const Delegate< Result< void * >()> &getParentwindowHandle)
MAXON_METHOD Result< DrawDimensionIntCheckBitmapSize (const DataDictionary &settings, const DrawDimensionInt &bitmapSize) const

Private Member Functions

 MAXON_INTERFACE (MediaOutputUrlInterface, MAXON_REFERENCE_NORMAL, "net.maxon.image.interface.mediaoutputurl")

Member Function Documentation


MAXON_INTERFACE ( MediaOutputUrlInterface  ,

◆ GetOutputUrl()

MAXON_METHOD Url GetOutputUrl ( ) const

Returns the output url.

◆ SetOutputUrl()

MAXON_METHOD Result<void> SetOutputUrl ( const Url url)

Sets the url to which this output converter should write it's data.

[in]urlUrl to write to.
OK on success.

◆ GetFileFormat()

MAXON_METHOD const FileFormat& GetFileFormat ( ) const

Returns the corresponding file format.

◆ EditSystemOptions()

MAXON_METHOD Result<Bool> EditSystemOptions ( DataDictionary &  settings,
const Delegate< Result< void * >()> &  getParentwindowHandle 

EditSystemOptions opens a system compressor options dialog to allow the user to choose compressor settings for a specific codec.

[in,out]settingsSettings to be displayed and modified. After calling the function the DataDictionary contains the new settings.
[in]getParentwindowHandleCallback to return the parent window handle. Windows: return the HWND for the parent.
True if the user pressed OK, false if the user cancelled the action. FunctionNotImplementedError if the output handler doesn't support a dialog.

◆ CheckBitmapSize()

MAXON_METHOD Result<DrawDimensionInt> CheckBitmapSize ( const DataDictionary &  settings,
const DrawDimensionInt bitmapSize 
) const

Verifies the given resolution for the save format (e.g. mp4 quantizes the width to the next 16 boundary).

[in]settingsSave Settings.
[in]bitmapSizeGiven input bitmap size.
Corrected bitmap size if the save cannot handle the given size, otherwise the given size.