Match< ITERATOR > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Match< ITERATOR >, including all inherited members.

_lengthMatch< ITERATOR >private
_positionMatch< ITERATOR >private
GetLength() constMatch< ITERATOR >
GetPosition() constMatch< ITERATOR >
IsFound() constMatch< ITERATOR >
Match()=defaultMatch< ITERATOR >
Match(const Match &)=defaultMatch< ITERATOR >
Match(Match &&src)Match< ITERATOR >
Match(ITERATOR position)Match< ITERATOR >
Match(ITERATOR position, Int length)Match< ITERATOR >
operator Bool() constMatch< ITERATOR >explicit
operator ITERATOR() constMatch< ITERATOR >
operator=(Match &)=defaultMatch< ITERATOR >
operator=(Match &&src)Match< ITERATOR >
operator=(NO_MATCH_TYPE)Match< ITERATOR >