BurstTrieMapSelector< GROUP_BITS, BUCKET_SIZE, SORT, POOL > Class Template Reference

#include <bursttriemap.h>

Detailed Description

template<Int GROUP_BITS = 4, Int BUCKET_SIZE = 16, BURSTTRIE_SORT SORT = BURSTTRIE_SORT::LINEAR_SEARCH, template< typename, typename > class POOL = PointerBurstTriePool>
class maxon::BurstTrieMapSelector< GROUP_BITS, BUCKET_SIZE, SORT, POOL >

This selector class is used for template parameters which select the map implementation to use. It will then instruct the template to use the BurstTrieMap implementation. For example, RangeSet by default uses an underlying BurstTrieMap with default settings. If you want to use different settings, you'd write something like

RangeSet<UInt, BurstTrieMapSelector<2, 4>> set;
Template Parameters
GROUP_BITSNumber of bits which shall be grouped to form an index into the children array of an inner node. This shouldn't exceed 4.
BUCKET_SIZEMaximum size of a bucket of a leaf node. Reasonable values are between 4 and 40.
SORTMode for sorting of the buckets.
POOLMemory pool for the nodes.

Public Types

template<typename K , typename V >
using Type = BurstTrieMap< K, V, GROUP_BITS, BUCKET_SIZE, SORT, POOL >

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Type

using Type = BurstTrieMap<K, V, GROUP_BITS, BUCKET_SIZE, SORT, POOL>