BaseListNode< T, false > Class Template Reference

#include <baselist.h>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class maxon::BaseListNode< T, false >

Template for list node containing element data of type T (T has a copy constructor that cannot fail).

If you have to define a custom list node (which should rarely be the case) you can simply use the IMPLEMENT_CUSTOM_BASELISTNODE(YourClass, PointerToBaseListPOD) macro that will implement the required methods.

Template Parameters
TContent of the list node.

Public Member Functions

template<typename... ARGS>
MAXON_IMPLICIT BaseListNode (ARGS &&... args)
T * _GetData () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseListNodeBase< BaseListNode< T, false > >
 ~BaseListNodeBase ()
void Remove ()
void InsertBefore (BaseListNode< T, false > *next)
void InsertAfter (BaseListNode< T, false > *prev)
const BaseListLinkPOD_GetLink () const

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BaseListNode()

MAXON_IMPLICIT BaseListNode ( ARGS &&...  args)

Member Function Documentation

◆ _GetData()

T* _GetData ( ) const

returns element data of the list node

Member Data Documentation

◆ _data

T _data