BaseListHead< T, NODE > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BaseListHead< T, NODE >, including all inherited members.

_GetNext() constBaseListLink< NODE >
_GetNextChecked() constBaseListLink< NODE >
_GetPrev() constBaseListLink< NODE >
_GetPrevChecked() constBaseListLink< NODE >
ADDRESS_MASKBaseListLink< NODE >protectedstatic
BaseListHead()BaseListHead< T, NODE >
BaseListHead(BaseListHead &&src)BaseListHead< T, NODE >
BaseListLink(NODE *prev=nullptr, NODE *next=nullptr, Bool is_head=false)BaseListLink< NODE >explicit
BaseListLink(BaseListLink &&src)BaseListLink< NODE >
Begin() constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
ComputePrevFlag(const NODE *prev, Bool head)BaseListLink< NODE >protectedstatic
End() constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
GetCount() constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
GetElement(Int idx) constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
GetIndex(const T *x) constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
GetInsertEraseNode(Int idx) constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
GetNode(Int idx) constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
HEAD_FLAGBaseListLink< NODE >protectedstatic
INFO_FLAGBaseListLink< NODE >protectedstatic
INFO_MASKBaseListLink< NODE >protectedstatic
InsertAfter(NODE *insert, NODE *prev)BaseListLink< NODE >static
InsertBefore(NODE *insert, NODE *next)BaseListLink< NODE >static
IsEmpty() constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
IsInList() constBaseListLink< NODE >
IsListHead() constBaseListLink< NODE >
IsPopulated() constBaseListHead< T, NODE >
maxon::BaseListLink::MAXON_OPERATOR_MOVE_ASSIGNMENT(BaseListLink)BaseListLink< NODE >
MoveBefore(NODE *move, NODE *next)BaseListLink< NODE >static
MoveFrom(NODE *thisNode, BaseListLink &src)BaseListLink< NODE >
Remove(NODE *remove)BaseListLink< NODE >static
SetListHead(Bool val)BaseListLink< NODE >protected
SetNext(NODE *val)BaseListLink< NODE >
SetPrev(NODE *val)BaseListLink< NODE >
~BaseListHead()BaseListHead< T, NODE >