BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >, including all inherited members.

_bitsBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >private
BaseBitSet()=defaultBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
BaseBitSet(BaseBitSet &&rhs)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
Clear(UInt index, Bool &cleared)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
Clear(UInt index)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
ClearUnchecked(UInt index)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
CopyFrom(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &src)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
CountBits(UInt first=0, UInt last=(UInt) -1) constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
CountBitsInWord(IntType word) constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >private
DescribeIO(const DataSerializeInterface &stream)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >static
GetCapacity() constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
GetHashCode() constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
GetNextCleared(Int index) constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
GetNextSet(Int index) constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
GetRawData() constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
Init(UInt count, Bool clearValue)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
INT_MASKBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >privatestatic
INT_WIDTHBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >privatestatic
IntType typedefBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
Invert()BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
IsEmpty() constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
IsPopulated() constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
IsSet(UInt index) constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
IsSet(const Block< const IntType > &raw, Int index)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >static
IsSetUnchecked(UInt index) constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
MergeAnd(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &src)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
MergeAndNot(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &src)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
MergeOr(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &src)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
MergeOrNot(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &src)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
MergeXOr(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &src)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
operator&=(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &rhs)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
operator=(BaseBitSet &&rhs)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
operator==(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &rhs) constBaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
operator|=(const BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR > &rhs)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
RemoveTrailingZeroes()BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >private
Reset()BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
Set(UInt index, Bool &isSet)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
Set(UInt index)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
SetAndCheckUnchecked(UInt index)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
SetRange(UInt first, UInt last)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
SetRangeUnchecked(UInt first, UInt last)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >
SetUnchecked(UInt index)BaseBitSet< ALLOCATOR >