Atomic32< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Atomic32< T >, including all inherited members.

_valueAtomic32< T >private
Atomic32(T value=T())Atomic32< T >
Get() constAtomic32< T >
Load() constAtomic32< T >
Load(T volatile *v)Atomic32< T >static
LoadAcquire() constAtomic32< T >
LoadAcquire(T volatile *v)Atomic32< T >static
LoadConsume() constAtomic32< T >
LoadConsume(T volatile *v)Atomic32< T >static
LoadRelaxed() constAtomic32< T >
LoadRelaxed(T volatile *v)Atomic32< T >static
MAXON_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN(Atomic32)Atomic32< T >private
Set(T newValue)Atomic32< T >
Store(T newValue)Atomic32< T >
Store(T volatile *v, T newValue)Atomic32< T >static
StoreRelaxed(T newValue)Atomic32< T >
StoreRelaxed(T volatile *v, T newValue)Atomic32< T >static
StoreRelease(T newValue)Atomic32< T >
StoreRelease(T volatile *v, T newValue)Atomic32< T >static
Swap(T newValue)Atomic32< T >
Swap(T volatile *v, T newValue)Atomic32< T >static
SwapAdd(T add)Atomic32< T >
SwapAdd(T volatile *v, T add)Atomic32< T >static
SwapAnd(T andValue)Atomic32< T >
SwapAnd(T volatile *v, T andValue)Atomic32< T >static
SwapDecrement()Atomic32< T >
SwapDecrement(T volatile *v)Atomic32< T >static
SwapIncrement()Atomic32< T >
SwapIncrement(T volatile *v)Atomic32< T >static
SwapOr(T orValue)Atomic32< T >
SwapOr(T volatile *v, T orValue)Atomic32< T >static
SwapSubtract(T sub)Atomic32< T >
TryCompareAndSwap(T newValue, T compare)Atomic32< T >
TryCompareAndSwap(T volatile *v, T newValue, T compare)Atomic32< T >static
ValueType typedefAtomic32< T >