ArrayMapSelector< SORTED, COMPARE, ARRAY > Class Template Reference

#include <arraymap.h>

Detailed Description

template<Bool SORTED = true, typename COMPARE = DefaultCompare, typename ARRAY = BaseArraySelector<>>
class maxon::ArrayMapSelector< SORTED, COMPARE, ARRAY >

This selector class is used for template parameters which select the map implementation to use. It will then instruct the template to use the ArrayMap implementation. For example, RangeSet uses an underlying BurstTrieMap by default. If you want to use an ArrayMap instead, you'd write

RangeSet<Int, ArrayMapSelector<>> set;
Template Parameters
SORTEDShall a sorted array map be selected?
COMPAREClass to be used to compare the keys.
ARRAYSelector for the array implementation that this map shall use.

Public Types

template<typename K , typename V >
using Type = ArrayMap< K, V, SORTED, COMPARE, ARRAY >

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Type

using Type = ArrayMap<K, V, SORTED, COMPARE, ARRAY>