UserPool Member List

This is the complete list of members for UserPool, including all inherited members.

AddUser(const String &username, const String &password, const String &description, Bool isAdmin)UserPool
ChangeDefaultLanguage(const C4DUuid &userUuid, const String &defaultLanguage)UserPool
ChangePassword(const C4DUuid &userUuid, const String &oldPassword, const String &newPassword)UserPool
ChangeUserAccountType(const C4DUuid &userUuid, const Bool isAdmin)UserPool
ChangeUserInfo(const C4DUuid &userUuid, const String &description)UserPool
ChangeUserPassword(const C4DUuid &userUuid, const String &password)UserPool
CheckUserCredentials(const String &username, const String &password) constUserPool
DeleteUser(const C4DUuid &userUuid)UserPool
GetUser(const String &username)UserPool
GetUsers(maxon::BaseArray< User *> &users) constUserPool