TriState< TYPE > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TriState< TYPE >, including all inherited members.

Add(const TYPE &val)TriState< TYPE >
Add(TYPE &&val)TriState< TYPE >
Add(BaseContainer *bc, Int32 id)TriState< TYPE >
Check(GeDialog *dlg, const BaseContainer &msg, Int32 cid, Int32 gid)TriState< TYPE >
CheckBaseTime(GeDialog *dlg, const BaseContainer &msg, BaseDocument *doc, Int32 cid, Int32 gid)TriState< TYPE >
CheckVector(GeDialog *dlg, const BaseContainer &msg, Int32 current_id, Int32 gidx, Int32 gidy, Int32 gidz)TriState< TYPE >
GetTri() constTriState< TYPE >
GetValue() constTriState< TYPE >
HasChanged() constTriState< TYPE >
SetTri(Bool state)TriState< TYPE >
triTriState< TYPE >private
TriState()TriState< TYPE >
TriState(const TYPE &val)TriState< TYPE >
TriState(TYPE &&val)TriState< TYPE >
valueTriState< TYPE >private