SpcInfo Class Reference

#include <c4d_spc.h>

Detailed Description

Spherical camera context and parameters. Private.


Public Member Functions

SpcInfooperator= (const SpcInfo &that)

Standard Properties

LatLongRange _range
LatLongRange _crange
Bool _fitFrame
Int32 _stereoMode
Int32 _mapping
Int32 _layout
Float64 _nw
Float64 _nh
Float64 _xmin
Float64 _ymin
Float64 _xmax
Float64 _ymax

Geometry Properties

Float _eyeSeparation
Float _focalDistance
Float _eyeNeckDistance

Poles Smoothing

Int32 _smoothTop
Int32 _smoothBottom

Smoothing Threshold Angles

Float _topAngle
Float _bottomAngle

Factors Exponential Smoothing

Float _topExp
Float _bottomExp


 SpcInfo ()
 SpcInfo (const SpcInfo &src)

Spherical Camera Availability

Bool IsEnabled () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SpcInfo() [1/2]

SpcInfo ( )

Default constructor.

◆ SpcInfo() [2/2]

SpcInfo ( const SpcInfo src)

Copy constructor.

[in]srcThe source SpcInfo.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

SpcInfo& operator= ( const SpcInfo that)

Assigment operator.

[in]thatAnother SpcInfo.

◆ IsEnabled()

Bool IsEnabled ( ) const

Checks if SPC is available.

true if SPC is available, otherwise false.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _range

LatLongRange _range

Spherical camera range (as specified by the user).

◆ _crange

LatLongRange _crange

Computed range (if _fitFrame option enabled).

◆ _fitFrame

Bool _fitFrame

Rendering always fit frame.

◆ _stereoMode

Int32 _stereoMode

The stereo mode: StereoModeTypes.

◆ _mapping

Int32 _mapping

The rendering mapping format: MappingFormatTypes.

◆ _layout

Int32 _layout

The stereo layout: LayoutStereoTypes.

◆ _nw

Float64 _nw

Width normalizing factor.

◆ _nh

Float64 _nh

Height normalizing factor.

◆ _xmin

Float64 _xmin

Rendering bounding-box minimum X.

◆ _ymin

Float64 _ymin

Rendering bounding-box minimum Y.

◆ _xmax

Float64 _xmax

Rendering bounding-box maximum X.

◆ _ymax

Float64 _ymax

Rendering bounding-box maximum Y.

◆ _eyeSeparation

Float _eyeSeparation

Eye separation (in mm).

◆ _focalDistance

Float _focalDistance

Focal distance (in mm).

◆ _eyeNeckDistance

Float _eyeNeckDistance

Eye neck distance (in mm).

◆ _smoothTop

Int32 _smoothTop

Top pole smoothing type: SmoothingType.

◆ _smoothBottom

Int32 _smoothBottom

Bottom pole smoothing type: SmoothingType.

◆ _topAngle

Float _topAngle

The top angle at which the smoothing takes place.

◆ _bottomAngle

Float _bottomAngle

The bottom angle at which the smoothing takes place.

◆ _topExp

Float _topExp

Top exponential smoothing.

◆ _bottomExp

Float _bottomExp

Bottom exponential smoothing.