SoundEffectorCustomGui Class Reference

#include <customgui_soundeffector.h>

Inheritance diagram for SoundEffectorCustomGui:

Detailed Description

SoundData custom GUI (CUSTOMGUI_SOUNDEFFECTOR) for SoundData.


Public Member Functions

Bool SetGUIOwnerOverride (BaseList2D *bl)
BaseList2DGetGUIOwnerOverride (BaseDocument *doc) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseCustomGui< 440000256 >
Int32 GetWidth ()
Int32 GetHeight ()
void Redraw ()
Bool LayoutChanged ()
Bool Activate ()
Bool SetDefaultForResEdit ()
Bool SetData (const TriState< GeData > &tristate)
TriState< GeDataGetData ()
void SetLayoutMode (Int32 mode)
Int32 GetLayoutMode ()
Bool SupportLayoutSwitch ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from _BaseCustomGui
Int32 GetWidth (Int32 plugid)
Int32 GetHeight (Int32 plugid)
void Redraw (Int32 plugid)
Bool LayoutChanged (Int32 plugid)
Bool Activate (Int32 plugid)
Bool SetDefaultForResEdit (Int32 plugid)
Bool SetData (Int32 plugid, const TriState< GeData > &tristate)
TriState< GeDataGetData (Int32 plugid)
void SetLayoutMode (Int32 plugid, Int32 mode)
Int32 GetLayoutMode (Int32 plugid)
Bool SupportLayoutSwitch (Int32 plugid)

Private Constructor/Destructor

 SoundEffectorCustomGui ()
 ~SoundEffectorCustomGui ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from BaseCustomGui< 440000256 >
static constexpr Int32 VALUE

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoundEffectorCustomGui()

◆ ~SoundEffectorCustomGui()

~SoundEffectorCustomGui ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetGUIOwnerOverride()

Bool SetGUIOwnerOverride ( BaseList2D bl)

Sets the GUI owner that receives the sound track.

[in]blThe GUI owner.
true if successful, otherwise false.

◆ GetGUIOwnerOverride()

BaseList2D* GetGUIOwnerOverride ( BaseDocument doc) const

Retrieves the GUI owner.

[in]docThe document.
The GUI owner, or nullptr if the function fails. The SoundEffectorCustomGui owns the pointed BaseList2D.