PgonEdge Class Reference

#include <lib_ngon.h>

Public Member Functions

Bool IsFirst ()
Bool IsSegmentEnd ()
Int32 ID ()
Int32 State ()
Int32 Edge ()
Int32 EdgeIndex ()
void GetEdge (const CPolygon *vadr, Int32 &p1, Int32 &p2)
void RemapPolygon (Int32 new_poly, Int32 new_edge)

Public Attributes

UInt32 edge_index

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsFirst()

Bool IsFirst ( )

Checks if the polygon ID is the first occurrence in the array. This is useful to know which polygons form the N-gon.

true if the polygon ID is the first occurrence in the array, otherwise false.

◆ IsSegmentEnd()

Bool IsSegmentEnd ( )

Checks if the edge is the last in a segment.

true if the edge is the last in a segment, otherwise false.

◆ ID()

Int32 ID ( )

Gets the polygon ID.

The polygon ID.

◆ State()

Int32 State ( )

Gets the edge state.

The edge as a bit, or 0 if the polygon has no edge on the outer/inner of the N-gon.

◆ Edge()

Int32 Edge ( )

Gets the edge for the polygon.

The edge of the polygon, or NOTOK for no edge.

◆ EdgeIndex()

Int32 EdgeIndex ( )

Gets the edge index.

The edge index: 4 * polygon ID + edge.

◆ GetEdge()

void GetEdge ( const CPolygon vadr,
Int32 p1,
Int32 p2 

Retrieves in p1 and p2 the point IDs for the edge or NOTINDEX if it is not an N-gon edge.

[in]vadrThe polygon array. The caller owns the pointed array.
[out]p1Assigned the first point ID.
[out]p2Assigned the second point ID.

◆ RemapPolygon()

void RemapPolygon ( Int32  new_poly,
Int32  new_edge 

Sets the polygon ID and edge ID for the edge. Pass NOTINDEX to make no change.

[in]new_polyThe new polygon ID.
[in]new_edgeThe new edge ID.

Member Data Documentation

◆ edge_index

UInt32 edge_index

Edge index.