Particle Class Reference

#include <c4d_particleobject.h>

Detailed Description

The information for each particle: its location, movement and life.

Public Attributes

Vector off
Vector v1
Vector v3
Float t

Member Data Documentation

◆ off

Vector off

The current position of the particle.

◆ v1

Vector v1

This vector is usually calculated by Cinema 4D when using the Tangential option in the particle emitter.
The vectors v1 and v3 are used to form the axes to align the direction in which the objects attached to the particles are aligned.

◆ v3

Vector v3

The current velocity of the particle (speed and direction). See CalcParticleMatrix().

◆ t

Float t

The current time from the particles birth, this is the age of the particle.

◆ bits

The flags for the particle state: PARTICLEFLAGS.