NormalTag Class Reference

#include <c4d_basetag.h>

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Detailed Description

Represents a Point Normal tag.

Private Member Functions

 NormalTag ()
 ~NormalTag ()


static NormalTagAlloc (Int32 count)
static void Free (NormalTag *&bl)

Get/Set/Copy NormalHandle

static void Get (ConstNormalHandle dataptr, Int32 i, NormalStruct &res)
static void Set (NormalHandle dataptr, Int32 i, const NormalStruct &s)
static void Copy (NormalHandle destptr, Int32 dst, ConstNormalHandle srcptr, Int32 src)

Get Data

ConstNormalHandle GetDataAddressR (void) const
NormalHandle GetDataAddressW (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from VariableTag
Int32 GetDataCount (void) const
Int32 GetDataSize (void) const
maxon::UniqueHash GetDataHash (void) const
const void * GetLowlevelDataAddressR (void) const
void * GetLowlevelDataAddressW (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseTag
Bool Draw (BaseObject *op, BaseDraw *bd, BaseDrawHelp *bh)
BaseTagGetNext (void)
BaseTagGetPred (void)
BaseObjectGetObject (void)
BaseTagGetOrigin ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseList2D
void SetBit (Int32 mask)
Bool GetBit (Int32 mask) const
void DelBit (Int32 mask)
void ToggleBit (Int32 mask)
Int32 GetAllBits () const
void SetAllBits (Int32 bits)
void SetBitEx (Int32 mask, Int32 flags)
const CharGetViewportRenderId (VIEWPORT_RENDER_ID typeId) const
BaseList2DGetNext ()
BaseList2DGetPred ()
BaseContainer GetData ()
void SetData (const BaseContainer &bc, Bool add=true)
const BaseContainerGetDataInstance () const
BaseContainerGetDataInstance ()
const BaseContainerGetDataInstanceRef () const
BaseContainerGetDataInstanceRef ()
String GetName () const
void SetName (const maxon::String &name)
String GetBubbleHelp ()
Bool TransferGoal (BaseList2D *dst, Bool undolink)
Bool TransferMarker (BaseList2D *dst) const
Bool Scale (Float scale)
Bool Edit ()
void GetIcon (IconData *dat)
GeListHeadGetNLARoot ()
BaseList2DAnimationLayerRemap (BaseObject **layer=nullptr)
String GetTypeName ()
BaseList2DGetMain () const
void InsertTrackSorted (CTrack *track)
Bool AddEventNotification (BaseList2D *bl, NOTIFY_EVENT eventid, NOTIFY_EVENT_FLAG flags, const BaseContainer *data)
Bool RemoveEventNotification (BaseDocument *doc, BaseList2D *bl, NOTIFY_EVENT eventid)
Bool FindEventNotification (BaseDocument *doc, BaseList2D *bl, NOTIFY_EVENT eventid)
Bool SetDescIDState (const DescID &id, DESCIDSTATE descidstate)
DESCIDSTATE GetDescIDState (const DescID &id, Bool tolerant) const
GeListHeadGetOverrideRoot ()
BaseOverrideGetFirstOverride ()
GeListHeadGetShaderRepositoryRoot ()
GeListHeadGetHiddenShaderRoot ()
maxon::NimbusForwardRef GetNimbusRef (const maxon::Id &spaceId) const
maxon::Result< maxon::NimbusForwardRefPrivateGetOrCreateNimbusRef (const maxon::Id &spaceId)
void RemoveNimbusRef (const maxon::Id &spaceId)
maxon::Result< maxon::HashMap< maxon::Id, maxon::NimbusForwardRef > > GetAllNimbusRefs () const
Bool IsNodeBased () const
void GetMarkerStampEx (UInt32 *l1, UInt32 *l2)
const GeMarkerGetMarker () const
void SetMarker (const GeMarker &m)
Bool AddUniqueID (Int32 appid, const Char *const mem, Int bytes)
Bool FindUniqueID (Int32 appid, const Char *&mem, Int &bytes) const
Int32 GetUniqueIDCount () const
Bool GetUniqueIDIndex (Int32 idx, Int32 &id, const Char *&mem, Int &bytes) const
Bool SetAnimatedParameter (CTrack *track, const DescID &id, const GeData &t_data1, const GeData &t_data2, Float mix, DESCFLAGS_SET flags)
Bool GetAnimatedParameter (const DescID &id, GeData &t_data1, GeData &t_data2, Float &mix, DESCFLAGS_GET flags)
BaseShaderGetFirstShader () const
void InsertShader (BaseShader *shader, BaseShader *pred=nullptr)
void ClearKeyframeSelection ()
Bool FindKeyframeSelection (const DescID &id)
Bool SetKeyframeSelection (const DescID &id, Bool selection)
Bool KeyframeSelectionContent ()
LayerObjectGetLayerObject (BaseDocument *doc)
Bool SetLayerObject (LayerObject *layer)
const LayerDataGetLayerData (BaseDocument *doc, Bool rawdata=false)
Bool SetLayerData (BaseDocument *doc, const LayerData &data)
GeListHeadGetCTrackRoot ()
CTrackGetFirstCTrack ()
CTrackFindCTrack (const DescID &id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeListNode
GeListNodeGetNext ()
GeListNodeGetPred ()
GeListNodeGetDown ()
GeListNodeGetUp ()
GeListNodeGetDownLast ()
void InsertBefore (GeListNode *bl)
void InsertAfter (GeListNode *bl)
void InsertUnder (GeListNode *bl)
void InsertUnderLast (GeListNode *bl)
void Remove ()
GeListHeadGetListHead ()
Int32 GetNodeID (Int32 index=0) const
template<typename CAST >
const CAST * GetNodeData (Int32 index=0) const
template<typename CAST >
CAST * GetNodeData (Int32 index=0)
void SetCustomData (GeListNode *node)
GeListNodeGetCustomData ()
BaseDocumentGetDocument ()
Int32 GetBranchInfo (BranchInfo *info, Int32 max, GETBRANCHINFO flags)
Bool IsDocumentRelated ()
Int32 GetInfo () const
Bool GetNBit (NBIT bit) const
UInt32 GetNBitMask (Int32 index) const
Bool ChangeNBit (NBIT bit, NBITCONTROL bitmode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from C4DAtom
Int32 GetType () const
Int32 GetRealType () const
Int32 GetDiskType () const
Bool IsInstanceOf (Int32 id) const
Int32 GetClassification () const
Bool Message (Int32 type, void *data=nullptr)
Bool MultiMessage (MULTIMSG_ROUTE flags, Int32 type, void *data)
C4DAtomGetClone (COPYFLAGS flags, AliasTrans *trn)
Bool CopyTo (C4DAtom *dst, COPYFLAGS flags, AliasTrans *trn)
Bool Read (HyperFile *hf, Int32 id, Int32 level)
Bool Write (HyperFile *hf)
Bool ReadObject (HyperFile *hf, Bool readheader)
Bool WriteObject (HyperFile *hf)
Bool GetDescription (Description *description, DESCFLAGS_DESC flags)
Bool GetParameter (const DescID &id, GeData &t_data, DESCFLAGS_GET flags)
Bool SetParameter (const DescID &id, const GeData &t_data, DESCFLAGS_SET flags)
DynamicDescriptionGetDynamicDescription ()
Bool GetEnabling (const DescID &id, const GeData &t_data, DESCFLAGS_ENABLE flags, const BaseContainer *itemdesc)
Bool TranslateDescID (const DescID &id, DescID &res_id, C4DAtom *&res_at)
UInt32 GetDirty (DIRTYFLAGS flags) const
void SetDirty (DIRTYFLAGS flags)
UInt32 GetHDirty (HDIRTYFLAGS mask) const
void SetHDirty (HDIRTYFLAGS mask)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VariableTag
static VariableTagAlloc (Int32 type, Int32 count)
static void Free (VariableTag *&bl)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseTag
static BaseTagAlloc (Int32 type)
static void Free (BaseTag *&bl)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseList2D
static BaseList2DAlloc (Int32 type)
static void Free (BaseList2D *&bl)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from BaseList2D
static const Int32 SETBIT_FLAG_NODIRTY
static const Int32 SETBIT_FLAG_REMOVE

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NormalTag()

NormalTag ( )

◆ ~NormalTag()

~NormalTag ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Alloc()

static NormalTag* Alloc ( Int32  count)

Allocates a normal tag. Destroy the allocated normal tag with Free(). Use AutoAlloc to automate the allocation and destruction based on scope.

[in]countThe number of point normal data.
The allocated normal tag, or nullptr if the allocation failed.

◆ Free()

static void Free ( NormalTag *&  bl)

Destructs normal tags allocated with Alloc(). Use AutoAlloc to automate the allocation and destruction based on scope.

[in,out]blThe normal tag to destruct. If the pointer is nullptr nothing happens. The pointer is assigned nullptr afterwards.

◆ GetDataAddressR()

ConstNormalHandle GetDataAddressR ( void  ) const

Gets a handle to the read-only point normal data.

The read-only point normal data. The tag owns the pointed data.

◆ GetDataAddressW()

NormalHandle GetDataAddressW ( void  )

Gets a handle to the writable point normal data.

The writable point normal data. The tag owns the pointed data.

◆ Get()

static void Get ( ConstNormalHandle  dataptr,
Int32  i,
NormalStruct res 

Gets the point normals for a polygon. Example:

Int32 dataCount = normalTag->GetDataCount();
ConstNormalHandle data = normalTag->GetDataAddressR();
for (Int32 i=0; i<dataCount; i++)
NormalTag::Get(data, i, res);
// Do something with 'res'
Py_ssize_t i
Definition: abstract.h:645
static void Get(ConstNormalHandle dataptr, Int32 i, NormalStruct &res)
Definition: c4d_basetag.h:626
Py_UCS4 * res
Definition: unicodeobject.h:1113
maxon::Int32 Int32
Definition: ge_sys_math.h:60
const void * ConstNormalHandle
Handle for read-only normal data. See also: NormalTag.
Definition: operatingsystem.h:464
Definition: operatingsystem.h:601
[in]dataptrThe handle to the point normal data.
[in]iThe index of the polygon to get the point normals for.
[out]resAssigned the point normals.

◆ Set()

static void Set ( NormalHandle  dataptr,
Int32  i,
const NormalStruct s 

Sets the point normals for a polygon.

[in]dataptrThe handle to the point normal data.
[in]iThe index of the polygon to set the point normals for.
[in]sThe point normals to set.

◆ Copy()

static void Copy ( NormalHandle  destptr,
Int32  dst,
ConstNormalHandle  srcptr,
Int32  src 

Copies point normals.

[in]destptrThe handle to the destination point normal data.
[in]dstThe destination polygon index in the destination data destptr.
[in]srcptrThe handle to the source point normal data.
[in]srcThe source polygon index in the source data srcptr.