Modeling Member List

This is the complete list of members for Modeling, including all inherited members.

AddNgon(C4DAtom *op, const Ngon &ngon, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
AddPoint(C4DAtom *op, const Vector &p)Modeling
CloneNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
ClonePoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
Commit(C4DAtom *op=nullptr, Int32 flags=0, BaseObject *cobj=nullptr)Modeling
CreateHole(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, const Ngon &ngon)Modeling
CreateHole(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 *pnts, Int32 pcnt)Modeling
CreateNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 *padr, Int32 cnt, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
DeleteEdge(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 p1, Int32 p2)Modeling
DeleteNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Bool points)Modeling
DeletePoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
FindNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 p1, Int32 p2, Int32 &index)Modeling
FlipNgonNormal(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
Free(Modeling *&p)Modelingstatic
FreeMap(C4DAtom *op, Int32 *map)Modeling
FreeTable(C4DAtom *op, void *table)Modeling
GetEdgeNgons(C4DAtom *op, Int32 p1, Int32 p2, Int32 &pcnt)Modeling
GetEdgeSegment(C4DAtom *op, Int32 pa, Int32 p1, Int32 p2, Int32 *seg, Int32 *s1, Int32 *s2, Bool rel)Modeling
GetEdgeSelection(C4DAtom *op, BaseSelect *select, BaseSelect *edgeselect, BaseSelect *hidden=nullptr)Modeling
GetEdgeSelectionArray(C4DAtom *op, BaseSelect *select, Int32 &ecnt, BaseSelect *hidden=nullptr, Bool tovirtual=true)Modeling
GetFaceSelection(C4DAtom *op, BaseSelect *select, BaseSelect *faceselect, BaseSelect *hidden=nullptr)Modeling
GetLastError(C4DAtom *op)Modeling
GetNeighborNgons(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 &pcnt)Modeling
GetNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Ngon *ngon, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
GetNgonFlags(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
GetNgonMap(C4DAtom *op, Int32 **map, Int32 *count)Modeling
GetNgonNormal(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Vector *n)Modeling
GetOriginalEdgePoints(C4DAtom *op, Int32 edge, Int32 &p1, Int32 &p2)Modeling
GetOriginNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 &ci)Modeling
GetOriginPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 &ci)Modeling
GetPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Vector *p)Modeling
GetPointEdges(C4DAtom *op, Int32 p, Int32 &ecnt)Modeling
GetPointFlags(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
GetPointInfo(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 &ia, Int32 &ib, Float &t)Modeling
GetPointMap(C4DAtom *op, Int32 **map, Int32 *count)Modeling
GetPointNgons(C4DAtom *op, Int32 p, Int32 &pcnt, Bool clone=true)Modeling
GetPointOrigin(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Vector &opnt)Modeling
GetTriangulateHook(C4DAtom *op, TriangulateHook *ppHook, void **ppData)Modeling
InitArray(AtomArray *objs, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
InitObject(C4DAtom *op, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
InsertFacePoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 pa, Int32 p1)Modeling
IsEdgeDeleted(C4DAtom *op, Int32 p1, Int32 p2)Modeling
IsFaceDeleted(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
IsModified(C4DAtom *op)Modeling
IsPointDeleted(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
IsValidEdge(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 p1, Int32 p2)Modeling
IsValidNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
IsValidPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index)Modeling
LineFaceIntersection(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, const Vector &p1, const Vector &p2)Modeling
LineFaceIntersection(C4DAtom *op, const Ngon &ngon, const Vector &p1, const Vector &p2)Modeling
MeltEdge(C4DAtom *op, Int32 pa, Int32 p1, Int32 p2)Modeling
MeltEdgeBetween(C4DAtom *op, Int32 pa, Int32 pb, Int32 p1, Int32 p2)Modeling
MeltNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 pa)Modeling
MeltPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 p)Modeling
MergePolygons(C4DAtom *op, Int32 pa, Int32 pb)Modeling
NewNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
PointInFace(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, const Vector &p)Modeling
PointInFace(C4DAtom *op, const Ngon &ngon, const Vector &p)Modeling
ReleaseMap(C4DAtom *op, Int32 *map)Modeling
ReleaseObject(C4DAtom *op)Modeling
ResizeNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 pcnt, Int32 scnt)Modeling
SetEdgePoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Float l, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
SetInterPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Vector npnt, Float t, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
SetInterPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, const Vector &move, const Vector &offset, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
SetNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Ngon &ngon, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
SetNgonFlags(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 flags)Modeling
SetOriginNgon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 ci)Modeling
SetOriginPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 ci)Modeling
SetPoint(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, const Vector &p, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
SetPointFlags(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 flags)Modeling
SetPointInfo(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 ia, Int32 ib, Float t)Modeling
SetPointOrigin(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Vector opnt, Int32 flags)Modeling
SetPoints(C4DAtom *op, PointMove *pnts, Int32 cnt, Bool commit=false, Int32 flags=0)Modeling
SetTriangulateHook(C4DAtom *op, TriangulateHook pHook, void *pData)Modeling
SplitEdge(C4DAtom *op, Int32 p1, Int32 p2, Float l)Modeling
SplitPolygon(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Int32 p1, Int32 p2)Modeling
TranslateNgonIndex(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Bool tovirtual=false)Modeling
TranslatePointIndex(C4DAtom *op, Int32 index, Bool tovirtual=false)Modeling
WeldPoints(C4DAtom *op, Int32 source, Int32 dest)Modeling