HtmlViewerCustomGui Class Reference

#include <customgui_htmlviewer.h>

Inheritance diagram for HtmlViewerCustomGui:

Detailed Description

HTML viewer custom GUI (CUSTOMGUI_HTMLVIEWER). Can view both local and internet HTML files using the http protocol.

HTML viewer custom GUI cannot be used in modal dialogs.

Public Member Functions

void SetUrl (const maxon::String &url, Int32 encoding)
void SetText (const maxon::String &url)
void DoAction (Int32 action)
void SetURLCallback (HtmlViewerCustomGuiURLCallback *callback, void *user_data)
String GetTextArea (const maxon::String &id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseCustomGui< 200000114 >
Int32 GetWidth ()
Int32 GetHeight ()
void Redraw ()
Bool LayoutChanged ()
Bool Activate ()
Bool SetDefaultForResEdit ()
Bool SetData (const TriState< GeData > &tristate)
TriState< GeDataGetData ()
void SetLayoutMode (Int32 mode)
Int32 GetLayoutMode ()
Bool SupportLayoutSwitch ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from _BaseCustomGui
Int32 GetWidth (Int32 plugid)
Int32 GetHeight (Int32 plugid)
void Redraw (Int32 plugid)
Bool LayoutChanged (Int32 plugid)
Bool Activate (Int32 plugid)
Bool SetDefaultForResEdit (Int32 plugid)
Bool SetData (Int32 plugid, const TriState< GeData > &tristate)
TriState< GeDataGetData (Int32 plugid)
void SetLayoutMode (Int32 plugid, Int32 mode)
Int32 GetLayoutMode (Int32 plugid)
Bool SupportLayoutSwitch (Int32 plugid)

Static Public Member Functions

static String FilenameToURL (const Filename &f, Int32 *encoding)

Private Member Functions

 HtmlViewerCustomGui ()
 ~HtmlViewerCustomGui ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from BaseCustomGui< 200000114 >
static constexpr Int32 VALUE

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HtmlViewerCustomGui()

HtmlViewerCustomGui ( )

◆ ~HtmlViewerCustomGui()

~HtmlViewerCustomGui ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetUrl()

void SetUrl ( const maxon::String url,
Int32  encoding 

Sets the HTML viewer URL.

[in]urlThe new URL.
[in]encodingThe URL encoding: URL_ENCODING

◆ SetText()

void SetText ( const maxon::String url)

Sets the HTML viewer text.

[in]urlThe new text.

◆ DoAction()

void DoAction ( Int32  action)

Do an action in the HTML viewer.

[in]actionThe action: WEBPAGE

◆ SetURLCallback()

void SetURLCallback ( HtmlViewerCustomGuiURLCallback callback,
void *  user_data 

Registers the URL callback.

[in]callbackThe callback, or nullptr to disable it.
[in]user_dataThe user data. The caller owns the pointed data.

◆ GetTextArea()

String GetTextArea ( const maxon::String id)

Deprecated. Always return an empty string.

◆ FilenameToURL()

static String FilenameToURL ( const Filename f,
Int32 encoding 

Converts a filename into an URL string.

[in]fThe filename.
[out]encodingAssigned the URL encoding: URL_ENCODING
The URL of the filename.