HandleInfo Class Reference

#include <c4d_objectdata.h>

Detailed Description

Class holding the information for object handles.

The handle system has been changed in such a way that handles must travel with the mouse.
The system tries to help automate the placement of the handles. It calculates the correct handle positions and constrains the handle.
The values of HandleInfo are typically set in ObjectData::GetHandle by the user.
Here is the internal code of the ObjectData::DetectHandle and ObjectData::MoveHandle methods:

if (qualifier & QUALIFIER::CTRL)
return NOTOK;
Matrix mg = op->GetMg();
Int32 i, ret = NOTOK;
for (i=0; i<GetHandleCount(op); i++)
GetHandle(op,i, info);
if (bd->PointInRange(info.position*mg, x, y))
ret = i;
if (!(qualifier&QUALIFIER::SHIFT))
return ret;
Bool ObjectData::MoveHandle( BaseObject *op, BaseObject *undo, const Vector &mouse_pos, Int32 hit_id, QUALIFIER qualifier, BaseDraw *bd )
Matrix mg = op->GetUpMg() * undo->GetMl();
SetHandle(op,hit_id,info.CalculateNewPosition(bd, mg, mouse_pos),info);
return true;
Py_ssize_t i
Definition: abstract.h:645
Definition: c4d_basedraw.h:754
Bool PointInRange(const Vector &p, Int32 x, Int32 y, Float range=10.0_f) const
Definition: c4d_basedraw.h:1690
Definition: c4d_baseobject.h:225
const Matrix & GetMl(void) const
Definition: c4d_baseobject.h:441
const CAST * GetNodeData(Int32 index=0) const
Definition: c4d_baselist.h:1929
Definition: c4d_objectdata.h:122
Definition: c4d_objectdata.h:169
virtual Bool MoveHandle(BaseObject *op, BaseObject *undo, const Vector &mouse_pos, Int32 hit_id, QUALIFIER qualifier, BaseDraw *bd)
virtual Int32 DetectHandle(BaseObject *op, BaseDraw *bd, Int32 x, Int32 y, QUALIFIER qualifier)
PyObject * x
Definition: bytesobject.h:38
#define NOTOK
Definition: ge_sys_math.h:267
maxon::Bool Bool
Definition: ge_sys_math.h:55
maxon::Int32 Int32
Definition: ge_sys_math.h:60
Invalid handle constraint type, used to temporarily ignore handles (e.g. in the Camera Object with th...
Definition: ge_prepass.h:5258
CTRL key.
SHIFT key.
_Py_clock_info_t * info
Definition: pytime.h:197
PyObject * op
Definition: object.h:520

Here is code from the DoubleCircle SDK example that shows the implementation of the automated handle interface functions:

Int32 DoubleCircleData::GetHandleCount(BaseObject *op)
return 1;
void DoubleCircleData::GetHandle(BaseObject *op, Int32 i, HandleInfo &info)
BaseContainer *data = op->GetDataInstance();
if (!data)
Float rad = data->GetFloat(CIRCLEOBJECT_RAD);
Int32 plane = data->GetInt32(PRIM_PLANE);
info.position = SwapPoint(Vector(rad, 0.0, 0.0),plane);
info.direction = !SwapPoint(Vector(1.0, 0.0, 0.0),plane);
void DoubleCircleData::SetHandle(BaseObject *op, Int32 i, Vector p, const HandleInfo &info)
BaseContainer *data = op->GetDataInstance();
if (!data)
Float val = Dot(p, info.direction);
data->SetFloat(CIRCLEOBJECT_RAD, ClampValue(val, 0.0_f, (Float)MAXRANGE));
#define MAXRANGE
Maximum value for metric data.
Definition: c4d_tools.h:30
Definition: c4d_basecontainer.h:47
Float GetFloat(Int32 id, Float preset=0.0) const
Definition: c4d_basecontainer.h:335
void SetFloat(Int32 id, Float r)
Definition: c4d_basecontainer.h:533
Int32 GetInt32(Int32 id, Int32 preset=0) const
Definition: c4d_basecontainer.h:303
unsigned char * p
Definition: floatobject.h:87
maxon::Vec3< maxon::Float64, 1 > Vector
Definition: ge_math.h:145
maxon::Float Float
Definition: ge_sys_math.h:66
Linear handle constraint.
X ClampValue(X value, X lowerLimit, X upperLimit)
Clips a value against a lower and upper limit. The new value is returned.
Definition: apibasemath.h:221
Definition: osplineprimitive.h:6
PyObject const char PyObject PyObject ** val
Definition: pycore_pyerrors.h:76

Public Member Functions

 HandleInfo ()
 ~HandleInfo (void)
Vector CalculateNewPosition (BaseDraw *bd, const Matrix &mg, const Vector &mouse_pos) const

Public Attributes

Vector position
Vector direction
Vector center
Float radius

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HandleInfo()


◆ ~HandleInfo()

~HandleInfo ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

◆ CalculateNewPosition()

Vector CalculateNewPosition ( BaseDraw bd,
const Matrix mg,
const Vector mouse_pos 
) const

Calculates a handle position for the given mouse position.

[in]bdThe editor's view. The caller owns the pointed view.
[in]mgThe global matrix of the handle's parent object.
[in]mouse_posThe mouse coordinates for which to calculate the handle position.
The new handle position.

Member Data Documentation

◆ position

Vector position

The handle position.

◆ direction

Vector direction

The normal used for the handle travel. For linear handle constraints it is the line on which a handle can travel. For planar and radial constraints it is the normal of the plane/disc. Otherwise it is not needed.

◆ center

Vector center

The handle constraint center, for radial and spherical handle constraints.

◆ radius

Float radius

The handle constraint radius, for radial and spherical handle constraints.

◆ type

The handle constraint type: HANDLECONSTRAINTTYPE.