GvRun Class Reference

#include <c4d_graphview.h>

Detailed Description

Contains helper functions for controlling node evaluation. Cannot be instantiated.

Public Member Functions

void SetCalculationTable (GvCalcTable *t)
Bool AddNodeToCalculationTable (GvNode *node, Bool force_add=false)
Bool CalculateTable (GvCalc *calc)
Int32 GetCpuID (void)
void IncrementID (void)
void SetError (GvCalcError error)
GvCalcError GetError (void)
void SetState (GvCalcState state)
GvCalcState GetState (void)
Bool IsIterationPath (void)

Private Member Functions

 GvRun ()
 ~GvRun ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GvRun()

GvRun ( )

◆ ~GvRun()

~GvRun ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetCalculationTable()

void SetCalculationTable ( GvCalcTable t)

Attaches a calculation table.

[in]tThe calculation table to attach. The caller owns the pointed table.

◆ AddNodeToCalculationTable()

Bool AddNodeToCalculationTable ( GvNode node,
Bool  force_add = false 

Marks a node to be calculated with the next CalculateTable(). A node is only added once. Equivalent to GvCalcTable::AddNodeToTable().

[in]nodeThe node to add. The caller owns the pointed node.
[in]force_addtrue to disable checks for recursion and iteration. Should never be used under normal circumstances.
true if the node was added to the calculation table, otherwise false.

◆ CalculateTable()

Bool CalculateTable ( GvCalc calc)

Calculates all nodes added to the calculation table.

[in]calcThe calculation helper. The caller owns the pointed calculation helper.
true if the table was calculated, otherwise false.

◆ GetCpuID()

Int32 GetCpuID ( void  )

Retrieves the ID of the calculated CPU.

The CPU ID. Normally 0.

◆ IncrementID()

void IncrementID ( void  )

Increments the run ID. Used to check if a port is already calculated.

◆ SetError()

void SetError ( GvCalcError  error)

Sets the error flag.

[in]errorThe error flag: GvError

◆ GetError()

GvCalcError GetError ( void  )

Gets the error flag.

The error flag: GvError

◆ SetState()

void SetState ( GvCalcState  state)

Sets the failure state.

[in]stateThe failure state: GvCalcState

◆ GetState()

GvCalcState GetState ( void  )

Gets the failure state.

The failure state: GvCalcState

◆ IsIterationPath()

Bool IsIterationPath ( void  )

Checks if the current calculation is an iteration (a recalculation of a part of the graph).

true if this is an iteration path, otherwise false.