GvCalcTime Class Reference

#include <c4d_graphview.h>

Detailed Description

Stores calculation time related information. Cannot be instantiated.

Public Attributes

Bool init
Bool init_time
Bool time_changed
Bool loop_changed
Bool length_changed
BaseTime time
BaseTime delta
BaseTime start
BaseTime end
BaseTime loop_start
BaseTime loop_end
BaseTime previous
Int32 fps

Private Member Functions

 GvCalcTime ()
 ~GvCalcTime ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GvCalcTime()

GvCalcTime ( )

◆ ~GvCalcTime()

~GvCalcTime ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ init

Bool init

true if this is the first call.

◆ init_time

Bool init_time

true if time == start is reached.

◆ time_changed

Bool time_changed

true if time has changed since the previous call.

◆ loop_changed

Bool loop_changed

true if loop_start or loop_end has changed since the previous call.

◆ length_changed

Bool length_changed

true if start or end has changed since the previous call.

◆ time

BaseTime time

Equivalent to BaseDocument::GetTime().

◆ delta

BaseTime delta

Delta time since previous.

◆ start

BaseTime start

◆ end

◆ loop_start

BaseTime loop_start

◆ loop_end

BaseTime loop_end

◆ previous

BaseTime previous

The time value of the previous call.

◆ fps

Int32 fps

Equivalent to BaseDocument::GetFps().