CloudObject Class Reference

#include <lib_cloud.h>

Inheritance diagram for CloudObject:

Detailed Description

Cloud object.

Private Member Functions

 CloudObject ()
 ~CloudObject ()


static CloudObjectAlloc ()
static void Free (CloudObject *&pObj)


static void SetDrawHook (CloudDrawFn fn)
void * GetPrivateData (CloudDataAllocator fnAlloc, ClodDataDeleter fnFree)


void GetSize (Vector &vSize)
void GetSize (Int32 &x, Int32 &y, Int32 &z)
UCharGetDensity ()
Int GetDensitySize ()
Bool Resize (Int32 x, Int32 y, Int32 z, Bool bResample)

Tool Data

UCharGetToolData ()
Bool AllocToolData ()
void FreeToolData ()


Float GetAltitude (BaseObject *pCloudGroup)


Bool SmoothBorders (Float rDist, Float rVariance, SplineData *pSpline)
Bool SmoothAll (Float rStrength, Float rVariance)
void Clear (UChar chDensity)
void FillPlane (Float rRadius, UChar chDensity)
void FillSphere (Float rRadius, UChar chDensity)


Bool IsVisible (Bool bEditor, Bool &bDrawBox, BaseObject *&pSkyObject, BaseObject **ppGroup=nullptr)
Bool IsLocked ()


void Draw (BaseDraw *pBaseDraw, BaseDrawHelp *pDrawHelp, Int32 lGrid, Float rQuality, Bool bDrawPlane)

Plane Index/Position

Int32 GetPlaneIndex ()
void SetPlaneIndex (Int32 lPlane)
Int32 GetPlanePosition ()
void SetPlanePosition (Int32 lPos)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
BaseObjectGetNext (void)
BaseObjectGetPred (void)
BaseObjectGetUp (void)
BaseObjectGetDown (void)
BaseObjectGetDownLast (void)
Vector GetAbsPos () const
void SetAbsPos (const Vector &v)
Vector GetAbsScale () const
void SetAbsScale (const Vector &v)
Vector GetAbsRot () const
void SetAbsRot (const Vector &v)
Vector GetFrozenPos () const
void SetFrozenPos (const Vector &v)
Vector GetFrozenScale () const
void SetFrozenScale (const Vector &v)
Vector GetFrozenRot () const
void SetFrozenRot (const Vector &v)
Vector GetRelPos () const
void SetRelPos (const Vector &v)
Vector GetRelScale () const
void SetRelScale (const Vector &v)
Vector GetRelRot () const
void SetRelRot (const Vector &v)
const MatrixGetMl (void) const
void SetMl (const Matrix &m)
Matrix GetFrozenMln () const
Matrix GetRelMln () const
Matrix GetRelMl () const
void SetRelMl (const Matrix &m)
Matrix GetMg () const
void SetMg (const Matrix &m)
Matrix GetMln () const
Matrix GetMgn () const
Matrix GetUpMg () const
void CopyMatrixTo (BaseObject *dst)
Vector GetMp (void)
Vector GetRad (void)
void GetDimension (Vector &mp, Vector &rad)
Int32 GetEditorMode (void) const
Int32 GetEditorModeH (void) const
void SetEditorMode (Int32 mode)
Int32 GetRenderMode (void) const
Int32 GetRenderModeH (void) const
void SetRenderMode (Int32 mode)
Bool GetDeformMode (void) const
void SetDeformMode (Bool mode)
Int32 GetRealDeformMode (void) const
void SetRealDeformMode (Int32 mode)
Int32 GetUniqueIP (void)
void SetUniqueIP (Int32 ip)
BaseTagGetFirstTag (void)
BaseTagGetLastTag (void)
BaseTagGetTag (Int32 type, Int32 nr=0)
const maxon::BaseArray< BaseTag * > * GetTagsOfType (Int32 type) const
const maxon::BaseArray< BaseTag * > * GetTagsWithFlags (Int32 flags) const
const void * GetTagDataR (Int32 type, Int32 nr=0) const
void * GetTagDataW (Int32 type, Int32 nr=0)
Int32 GetTagDataCount (Int32 type) const
BaseTagMakeTag (Int32 type, BaseTag *pred=nullptr)
VariableTagMakeVariableTag (Int32 type, Int32 count, BaseTag *pred=nullptr)
void InsertTag (BaseTag *tp, BaseTag *pred=nullptr)
void KillTag (Int32 type, Int32 nr=0)
Bool CopyTagsTo (BaseObject *dest, Int32 visible, Int32 variable, Int32 hierarchical, AliasTrans *trans)
BaseObjectGetCache (HierarchyHelp *hh=nullptr)
BaseObjectGetDeformCache (void)
LineObjectGetIsoparm (void)
void SetIsoparm (LineObject *l)
BaseObjectGetCacheParent (void) const
BaseObjectGetCacheTopParent (void) const
Bool SetPhong (Bool on, Bool anglelimit, Float angle)
Bool IsDirty (DIRTYFLAGS flags)
void SetDirty (DIRTYFLAGS flags)
Bool CheckCache (HierarchyHelp *hh)
void Touch (void)
void GetColorProperties (ObjectColorProperties *prop)
void SetColorProperties (ObjectColorProperties *prop)
const MatrixGetModelingAxis (BaseDocument *doc)
void SetModelingAxis (const Matrix &m)
BaseObjectGetAndCheckHierarchyClone (HierarchyHelp *hh, BaseObject *op, HIERARCHYCLONEFLAGS flags, Bool *dirty, AliasTrans *trans, Int childCount, maxon::BaseArray< BaseObject * > *children)
BaseObjectGetAndCheckHierarchyClone (HierarchyHelp *hh, BaseObject *op, HIERARCHYCLONEFLAGS flags, Bool *dirty, AliasTrans *trans, Bool allchildren)
BaseObjectGetHierarchyClone (HierarchyHelp *hh, BaseObject *op, HIERARCHYCLONEFLAGS flags, Bool *dirty, AliasTrans *trans)
BaseObjectGetHierarchyClone (HierarchyHelp *hh, BaseObject *op, HIERARCHYCLONEFLAGS flags, Bool *dirty, AliasTrans *trans, DIRTYFLAGS dirtyflags)
void NewDependenceList (void)
Bool CompareDependenceList (void)
void AddDependence (HierarchyHelp *hh, BaseObject *op)
void AddDependence (HierarchyHelp *hh, BaseObject *op, DIRTYFLAGS dirtyflags)
void TouchDependenceList (void)
void SetRotationOrder (ROTATIONORDER order)
ROTATIONORDER GetRotationOrder (void) const
void SetQuaternionRotationMode (Bool active, Bool bUndo)
Bool IsQuaternionRotationMode (void)
Bool SynchronizeVectorTrackKeys (Int32 vectorTrackID, Bool bUndo, BaseTime startRange=BaseTime(-108000, 1), BaseTime endRange=BaseTime(108000, 1))
Bool FindBestEulerAngle (Int32 rotationTrackID, Bool bAdjustTangent, Bool bUndo, BaseTime startRange=BaseTime(-108000, 1), BaseTime endRange=BaseTime(108000, 1))
Bool EvaluateSynchronizedRotation (const BaseTime &time, ANIMATEFLAGS flags, Vector *resultRotation=nullptr)
Bool GetVectorTracks (const DescID &id, CTrack *&xfound, CTrack *&yfound, CTrack *&zfound)
Bool GetVectorCurves (CCurve *curveToSearch, CCurve *&xfound, CCurve *&yfound, CCurve *&zfound)
UInt64 GetGUID ()
Int32 GetHighlightHandle (BaseDraw *bd)
SplineObjectGetRealSpline (void)
Float GetVisibility (Float parent)
Bool SearchHierarchy (BaseObject *op)
BaseObjectGetOrigin (Bool safe)
void SetOrigin (BaseObject *origin)
BaseObjectGetTopOrigin (Bool parent, Bool safe)
BaseObjectGetEditObject (BaseObject **psds, DISPLAYEDITSTATE state, Bool safetey=true)
void RemoveFromCache (void)
DRAWRESULT ObjDraw (DRAWPASS drawpass, BaseDraw *bd, BaseDrawHelp *bh)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseList2D
void SetBit (Int32 mask)
Bool GetBit (Int32 mask) const
void DelBit (Int32 mask)
void ToggleBit (Int32 mask)
Int32 GetAllBits () const
void SetAllBits (Int32 bits)
void SetBitEx (Int32 mask, Int32 flags)
const CharGetViewportRenderId (VIEWPORT_RENDER_ID typeId) const
BaseList2DGetNext ()
BaseList2DGetPred ()
BaseContainer GetData ()
void SetData (const BaseContainer &bc, Bool add=true)
const BaseContainerGetDataInstance () const
BaseContainerGetDataInstance ()
const BaseContainerGetDataInstanceRef () const
BaseContainerGetDataInstanceRef ()
String GetName () const
void SetName (const maxon::String &name)
String GetBubbleHelp ()
Bool TransferGoal (BaseList2D *dst, Bool undolink)
Bool TransferMarker (BaseList2D *dst) const
Bool Scale (Float scale)
Bool Edit ()
void GetIcon (IconData *dat)
GeListHeadGetNLARoot ()
BaseList2DAnimationLayerRemap (BaseObject **layer=nullptr)
String GetTypeName ()
BaseList2DGetMain () const
void InsertTrackSorted (CTrack *track)
Bool AddEventNotification (BaseList2D *bl, NOTIFY_EVENT eventid, NOTIFY_EVENT_FLAG flags, const BaseContainer *data)
Bool RemoveEventNotification (BaseDocument *doc, BaseList2D *bl, NOTIFY_EVENT eventid)
Bool FindEventNotification (BaseDocument *doc, BaseList2D *bl, NOTIFY_EVENT eventid)
Bool SetDescIDState (const DescID &id, DESCIDSTATE descidstate)
DESCIDSTATE GetDescIDState (const DescID &id, Bool tolerant) const
GeListHeadGetOverrideRoot ()
BaseOverrideGetFirstOverride ()
GeListHeadGetShaderRepositoryRoot ()
GeListHeadGetHiddenShaderRoot ()
maxon::NimbusForwardRef GetNimbusRef (const maxon::Id &spaceId) const
maxon::Result< maxon::NimbusForwardRefPrivateGetOrCreateNimbusRef (const maxon::Id &spaceId)
void RemoveNimbusRef (const maxon::Id &spaceId)
maxon::Result< maxon::HashMap< maxon::Id, maxon::NimbusForwardRef > > GetAllNimbusRefs () const
Bool IsNodeBased () const
void GetMarkerStampEx (UInt32 *l1, UInt32 *l2)
const GeMarkerGetMarker () const
void SetMarker (const GeMarker &m)
Bool AddUniqueID (Int32 appid, const Char *const mem, Int bytes)
Bool FindUniqueID (Int32 appid, const Char *&mem, Int &bytes) const
Int32 GetUniqueIDCount () const
Bool GetUniqueIDIndex (Int32 idx, Int32 &id, const Char *&mem, Int &bytes) const
Bool SetAnimatedParameter (CTrack *track, const DescID &id, const GeData &t_data1, const GeData &t_data2, Float mix, DESCFLAGS_SET flags)
Bool GetAnimatedParameter (const DescID &id, GeData &t_data1, GeData &t_data2, Float &mix, DESCFLAGS_GET flags)
BaseShaderGetFirstShader () const
void InsertShader (BaseShader *shader, BaseShader *pred=nullptr)
void ClearKeyframeSelection ()
Bool FindKeyframeSelection (const DescID &id)
Bool SetKeyframeSelection (const DescID &id, Bool selection)
Bool KeyframeSelectionContent ()
LayerObjectGetLayerObject (BaseDocument *doc)
Bool SetLayerObject (LayerObject *layer)
const LayerDataGetLayerData (BaseDocument *doc, Bool rawdata=false)
Bool SetLayerData (BaseDocument *doc, const LayerData &data)
GeListHeadGetCTrackRoot ()
CTrackGetFirstCTrack ()
CTrackFindCTrack (const DescID &id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeListNode
GeListNodeGetNext ()
GeListNodeGetPred ()
GeListNodeGetDown ()
GeListNodeGetUp ()
GeListNodeGetDownLast ()
void InsertBefore (GeListNode *bl)
void InsertAfter (GeListNode *bl)
void InsertUnder (GeListNode *bl)
void InsertUnderLast (GeListNode *bl)
void Remove ()
GeListHeadGetListHead ()
Int32 GetNodeID (Int32 index=0) const
template<typename CAST >
const CAST * GetNodeData (Int32 index=0) const
template<typename CAST >
CAST * GetNodeData (Int32 index=0)
void SetCustomData (GeListNode *node)
GeListNodeGetCustomData ()
BaseDocumentGetDocument ()
Int32 GetBranchInfo (BranchInfo *info, Int32 max, GETBRANCHINFO flags)
Bool IsDocumentRelated ()
Int32 GetInfo () const
Bool GetNBit (NBIT bit) const
UInt32 GetNBitMask (Int32 index) const
Bool ChangeNBit (NBIT bit, NBITCONTROL bitmode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from C4DAtom
Int32 GetType () const
Int32 GetRealType () const
Int32 GetDiskType () const
Bool IsInstanceOf (Int32 id) const
Int32 GetClassification () const
Bool Message (Int32 type, void *data=nullptr)
Bool MultiMessage (MULTIMSG_ROUTE flags, Int32 type, void *data)
C4DAtomGetClone (COPYFLAGS flags, AliasTrans *trn)
Bool CopyTo (C4DAtom *dst, COPYFLAGS flags, AliasTrans *trn)
Bool Read (HyperFile *hf, Int32 id, Int32 level)
Bool Write (HyperFile *hf)
Bool ReadObject (HyperFile *hf, Bool readheader)
Bool WriteObject (HyperFile *hf)
Bool GetDescription (Description *description, DESCFLAGS_DESC flags)
Bool GetParameter (const DescID &id, GeData &t_data, DESCFLAGS_GET flags)
Bool SetParameter (const DescID &id, const GeData &t_data, DESCFLAGS_SET flags)
DynamicDescriptionGetDynamicDescription ()
Bool GetEnabling (const DescID &id, const GeData &t_data, DESCFLAGS_ENABLE flags, const BaseContainer *itemdesc)
Bool TranslateDescID (const DescID &id, DescID &res_id, C4DAtom *&res_at)
UInt32 GetDirty (DIRTYFLAGS flags) const
void SetDirty (DIRTYFLAGS flags)
UInt32 GetHDirty (HDIRTYFLAGS mask) const
void SetHDirty (HDIRTYFLAGS mask)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
static BaseObjectAlloc (Int32 type)
static void Free (BaseObject *&bl)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseList2D
static BaseList2DAlloc (Int32 type)
static void Free (BaseList2D *&bl)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from BaseList2D
static const Int32 SETBIT_FLAG_NODIRTY
static const Int32 SETBIT_FLAG_REMOVE

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CloudObject()

CloudObject ( )

◆ ~CloudObject()

~CloudObject ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Alloc()

static CloudObject* Alloc ( )

Allocates a cloud object. Destroy the allocated cloud object with Free(). Use AutoAlloc to automate the allocation and destruction based on scope.

The allocated cloud object, or nullptr if the allocation failed.

◆ Free()

static void Free ( CloudObject *&  pObj)

Destructs cloud objects allocated with Alloc(). Use AutoAlloc to automate the allocation and destruction based on scope.

[in,out]pObjThe cloud object to destruct. If the pointer is nullptr nothing happens. The pointer is assigned nullptr afterwards.

◆ GetSize() [1/2]

void GetSize ( Vector vSize)

Retrieves the size in the vector vSize.

[out]vSizeThe size.

◆ GetSize() [2/2]

void GetSize ( Int32 x,
Int32 y,
Int32 z 

Retrieves the grid size.

The cloud has (x + 1) * (y + 1) * (z + 1) grid points.
[out]xAssigned the X size.
[out]yAssigned the Y size.
[out]zAssigned the Z size.

◆ GetDensity()

UChar* GetDensity ( )

Gets the density array.

The density array.

◆ GetDensitySize()

Int GetDensitySize ( )

Gets the density size.

The density size.

◆ Resize()

Bool Resize ( Int32  x,
Int32  y,
Int32  z,
Bool  bResample 

Resizes the cloud object.

[in]xThe new X size.
[in]yThe new Y size.
[in]zThe new Z size.
[in]bResampleIf true the cloud data is resampled.
true if successful, otherwise false.

◆ GetToolData()

UChar* GetToolData ( )

Gets the tool data.

The tool data.

◆ AllocToolData()

Bool AllocToolData ( )

Allocates the tool data.

true if successful, otherwise false.

◆ FreeToolData()

void FreeToolData ( )

Frees the tool data.

◆ GetAltitude()

Float GetAltitude ( BaseObject pCloudGroup)

Gets the altitude of a cloud group.

[in]pCloudGroupThe cloud group object. The caller owns the pointed object.
The altitude.

◆ SmoothBorders()

Bool SmoothBorders ( Float  rDist,
Float  rVariance,
SplineData pSpline 

Smooths borders.

[in]rDistThe distance.
[in]rVarianceThe variance.
[in]pSplineThe spline to smooth along.
true if successful, otherwise false.

◆ SmoothAll()

Bool SmoothAll ( Float  rStrength,
Float  rVariance 

Smooths all of the cloud object.

[in]rStrengthThe strength.
[in]rVarianceThe variance.
true if successful, otherwise false.

◆ Clear()

void Clear ( UChar  chDensity)

Clears the cloud object to chDensity.

[in]chDensityThe clear density.

◆ FillPlane()

void FillPlane ( Float  rRadius,
UChar  chDensity 

Fills the plane.

[in]rRadiusThe radius.
[in]chDensityThe density.

◆ FillSphere()

void FillSphere ( Float  rRadius,
UChar  chDensity 

Fills a sphere.

[in]rRadiusThe radius.
[in]chDensityThe density.

◆ IsVisible()

Bool IsVisible ( Bool  bEditor,
Bool bDrawBox,
BaseObject *&  pSkyObject,
BaseObject **  ppGroup = nullptr 

Checks for visibility.

[in]bEditorThe editor mode.
[out]bDrawBoxAssigned the draw box visibility.
[out]pSkyObjectAssigned the sky object.
[in]ppGroupOptional array of cloud groups.
true if visible, otherwise false.

◆ IsLocked()

Bool IsLocked ( )

Checks if the cloud object is locked.

true if the cloud object is locked, otherwise false.

◆ Draw()

void Draw ( BaseDraw pBaseDraw,
BaseDrawHelp pDrawHelp,
Int32  lGrid,
Float  rQuality,
Bool  bDrawPlane 

Draws the cloud object.

[in]pBaseDrawThe draw view.
[in]pDrawHelpThe draw helper.
[in]lGridThe grid size.
[in]rQualityThe quality.
[in]bDrawPlaneThe draw plane option.

◆ GetPlaneIndex()

Int32 GetPlaneIndex ( )

Gets the plane index.

The plane index.

◆ SetPlaneIndex()

void SetPlaneIndex ( Int32  lPlane)

Sets the plane index.

[in]lPlaneThe new plane index.

◆ GetPlanePosition()

Int32 GetPlanePosition ( )

Gets the plane position.

The plane position.

◆ SetPlanePosition()

void SetPlanePosition ( Int32  lPos)

Sets the plane position.

[in]lPosThe new plane position.

◆ GetPrivateData()

void* GetPrivateData ( CloudDataAllocator  fnAlloc,
ClodDataDeleter  fnFree 

Retrieves the cloud private data.

[in]fnAllocThe data allocator hook.
[in]fnFreeThe data deleter hook.
The private data.

◆ SetDrawHook()

static void SetDrawHook ( CloudDrawFn  fn)

Sets the cloud draw hook.

[in]fnThe draw hook.