CAnimInfo Class Reference

#include <c4d_canimation.h>

Detailed Description


Public Attributes

BaseTime otime
Float64 xtime
Float64 fac
Float64 rel
Int32 k1idx
Int32 k2idx
Int32 cycle

Private Member Functions

 CAnimInfo ()
 ~CAnimInfo (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAnimInfo()

CAnimInfo ( )

◆ ~CAnimInfo()

~CAnimInfo ( void  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ doc


◆ op

Original object.

◆ otime

BaseTime otime

Original time.

◆ xtime

Float64 xtime

Remapped time. Usually identical to the time delivered by doc BaseDocument::GetTime GetTime()
Only if there are loops and/or time curves assigned the time value is remapped into the normal range between first and last key.
It is a float value instead of a BaseTime to avoid resolution/aliasing issues.

◆ fac

Float64 fac

Factor of time between the first and the last key of the track.

◆ rel

Float64 rel

Factor between two keys. Only !=0.0 if k1!=nullptr && k2!=nullptr.

◆ k1

CKey* k1

Last key before or at the current time. Can be nullptr.

◆ k2

CKey* k2

Next key strictly after the current time. Can be nullptr.

◆ k1idx

Int32 k1idx

Key index for k1.

◆ k2idx

Int32 k2idx

Key index for k2.

◆ cycle

Int32 cycle

0 for the range from first key to last key, after last key it is +1, +2,etc. before first key -1, -2, etc.
This takes into account things like time curves and allows to compute the offset of values for tracks with pre or post behavior (e.g looping).