BitmapLoaderData Class Referenceabstract

#include <c4d_filterdata.h>

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Detailed Description

A data class for creating bitmap loader plugins.
Use RegisterBitmapLoaderPlugin() to register a bitmap loader plugin.

Public Member Functions

virtual Bool Identify (const Filename &name, UChar *probe, Int32 size)=0
virtual IMAGERESULT Load (const Filename &name, BaseBitmap *bm, Int32 frame)=0
virtual Int32 GetSaver (void)
virtual Bool GetInformation (const Filename &name, Int32 *frames, Float *fps)
virtual IMAGERESULT LoadAnimated (BitmapLoaderAnimatedData *bd, BITMAPLOADERACTION action, BaseBitmap *bm, Int32 frame)
virtual IMAGERESULT ExtractSound (BitmapLoaderAnimatedData *bd, BaseSound *snd)
virtual IMAGERESULT HasSound (BitmapLoaderAnimatedData *bd)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseData
 BaseData ()
virtual ~BaseData (void)
void Destructor (void)

Member Function Documentation

§ Identify()

virtual Bool Identify ( const Filename name,
UChar probe,
Int32  size 
pure virtual

Called to identify a file type as one that can be loaded using the bitmap loader.
If possible, the file should not be identified through its suffix, but through the probe data.

[in]nameThe filename of the file.
[in]probeThe start of a small chunk of data from the start of the file to identify the file type. Cinema 4D owns the pointed array.
[in]sizeThe size of the probe chunk, usually 1024 bytes.
true if the bitmap loader recognizes the file type, otherwise false.

§ Load()

virtual IMAGERESULT Load ( const Filename name,
BaseBitmap bm,
Int32  frame 
pure virtual

Called to load an image file into a bitmap.

[in]nameThe name of the file to load.
[in]bmThe bitmap to load the image file into. Cinema 4D owns the pointed bitmap.
[in]frameThe frame number for formats containing multiple images in a file such as QuickTime or AVI.
The result of loading the file: IMAGERESULT

§ GetSaver()

virtual Int32 GetSaver ( void  )

Called to get the plugin ID of the corresponding BitmapSaverData, if there is one.

The plugin ID of the corresponding bitmap saver, or nullptr if there is none.

§ GetInformation()

virtual Bool GetInformation ( const Filename name,
Int32 frames,
Float fps 

Called to get information on the loading of movies.

[in]nameThe name of the file to check.
[out]framesSet this to the number of frames.
[out]fpsSet this to the number of frames-per-second.
true if the information could be retrieved, otherwise false.

§ LoadAnimated()

virtual IMAGERESULT LoadAnimated ( BitmapLoaderAnimatedData bd,
BaseBitmap bm,
Int32  frame 

Called to accelerate the loading of animated bitmaps.

When LoadAnimated() is called with BITMAPLOADERACTION_INIT action (bm is nullptr and frame is 0) the loader can open the movie file bd->moviename and store data in the buffer field bd->moviedata[16].
For every call of BITMAPLOADERACTION_INIT, there is a BITMAPLOADERACTION_FREE (bm is nullptr and frame is 0) in which the image loader closes the movie file.
In between BITMAPLOADERACTION_LOAD is called with a valid bm and frame.

Loaders that overload LoadAnimated do not need to implement code twice, Load should in that case just look like this:

IMAGERESULT MyLoader::Load(const Filename &name, BaseBitmap *bm, Int32 frame)
data.moviename = name;
IMAGERESULT result = LoadAnimated(&data, BITMAPLOADERACTION_INIT, nullptr, 0);
if (result==IMAGERESULT_OK)
err = LoadAnimated(&data, BITMAPLOADERACTION_LOAD, bm, frame);
return err;
[in]bdThe bitmap loader animated data. Cinema 4D owns the pointed data.
[in]actionThe bitmap loader action: BITMAPLOADERACTION
[out]bmTo be filled with the frame bitmap in BITMAPLOADERACTION_LOAD action call. Cinema 4D owns the pointed bitmap.
[in]frameThe frame to put into bitmap bm.
The result of loading the animated file: IMAGERESULT

§ ExtractSound()

virtual IMAGERESULT ExtractSound ( BitmapLoaderAnimatedData bd,
BaseSound snd 

Called to extract the sound of animated bitmaps.

[in]bdThe bitmap loader animated data. Cinema 4D owns the pointed data.
[in]sndThe extracted sound. Cinema 4D owns the pointed sound.
The result of extracting the sound: IMAGERESULT

§ HasSound()

virtual IMAGERESULT HasSound ( BitmapLoaderAnimatedData bd)

Called by the Picture Viewer to determine whether a movie has sound or not.

[in]bdThe bitmap loader animated data. Cinema 4D owns the pointed data.