AutoWaitPointer Class Reference

#include <c4d_gui.h>

Detailed Description

Helper class to create a scoped WaitPointer. example 1:

AutoWaitPointer waitPointer(true); // show the wait pointer immediately until object is destroyed

example 2:

AutoWaitPointer waitPointer;
waitPointer.SetBusy(); // show the wait pointer from here until object is destroyed

Public Member Functions

MAXON_IMPLICIT AutoWaitPointer (Bool setBusy=false)
 ~AutoWaitPointer ()
void SetBusy ()
void SetNormal ()

Private Attributes

Bool _set

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AutoWaitPointer()

MAXON_IMPLICIT AutoWaitPointer ( Bool  setBusy = false)

AutoWaitPointer constructor.

[in]setBusyTrue to make the wait pointer immediately visible.

◆ ~AutoWaitPointer()

~AutoWaitPointer reverts the mouse pointer to normal state.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetBusy()

void SetBusy ( )

SetBusy displays the wait pointer.

◆ SetNormal()

void SetNormal ( )

SetNormal displays the normal mouse pointer.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _set

Bool _set
void SetBusy()
SetBusy displays the wait pointer.
Definition: c4d_gui.h:3586