AutoFree< TYPE > Member List

This is the complete list of members for AutoFree< TYPE >, including all inherited members.

Assign(TYPE *p)AutoFree< TYPE >
AutoFree(const AutoFree< TYPE > &p)AutoFree< TYPE >private
AutoFree()AutoFree< TYPE >
AutoFree(AutoFree &&src)AutoFree< TYPE >
AutoFree(TYPE *p)AutoFree< TYPE >explicit
Free()AutoFree< TYPE >
operator TYPE &() constAutoFree< TYPE >
operator TYPE *() constAutoFree< TYPE >
operator%(const AutoFree< TYPE > &alloc, maxon::ThreadReferencedError &err)AutoFree< TYPE >friend
operator&() constAutoFree< TYPE >
operator->() constAutoFree< TYPE >
operator=(const AutoFree< TYPE > &p)AutoFree< TYPE >private
ptrAutoFree< TYPE >private
Release()AutoFree< TYPE >
Set(TYPE *p)AutoFree< TYPE >
~AutoFree()AutoFree< TYPE >