AutoAlloc< TYPE > Member List

This is the complete list of members for AutoAlloc< TYPE >, including all inherited members.

Assign(TYPE *p)AutoAlloc< TYPE >
AutoAlloc(const AutoAlloc< TYPE > &p)AutoAlloc< TYPE >private
AutoAlloc()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
AutoAlloc(Int32 id)AutoAlloc< TYPE >explicit
AutoAlloc(Int32 p1, Int32 p2)AutoAlloc< TYPE >
AutoAlloc(TYPE *initptr)AutoAlloc< TYPE >explicit
AutoAlloc(AutoAlloc &&other)AutoAlloc< TYPE >
Free()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
GetPointer() constAutoAlloc< TYPE >
GetPointer()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator const TYPE &() constAutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator const TYPE *() constAutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator TYPE &()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator TYPE *()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator%(const AutoAlloc< TYPE > &alloc, maxon::ThreadReferencedError &err)AutoAlloc< TYPE >friend
operator&() constAutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator&()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator->() constAutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator->()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
operator=(const AutoAlloc< TYPE > &p)AutoAlloc< TYPE >private
ptrAutoAlloc< TYPE >private
Release()AutoAlloc< TYPE >
~AutoAlloc()AutoAlloc< TYPE >