c4d_tagdata.h File Reference


class  TagData


Bool RegisterTagPlugin (Int32 id, const maxon::String &str, Int32 info, DataAllocator *g, const maxon::String &description, BaseBitmap *icon, Int32 disklevel)

Function Documentation

◆ RegisterTagPlugin()

Bool RegisterTagPlugin ( Int32  id,
const maxon::String str,
Int32  info,
DataAllocator g,
const maxon::String description,
BaseBitmap icon,
Int32  disklevel 

Registers a tag plugin.

[in]idA unique plugin ID. Must be obtained from http://www.plugincafe.com
[in]strThe name of the plugin.
To affect the order that plugins are displayed in menus add "#$n" as a prefix to this name, where n is a number.
Lower numbers are displayed before higher numbers. If name is "--" it will show up as a menu separator.
[in]infoThe node plugin info flags: TAG PLUGINFLAG
[in]gThe allocator for the tag plugin. This is a pointer to a function that creates a new instance of TagData with NewObj().
[in]descriptionThe name of the description resource file to use for the material plugin without .res extension, for example "Ttagname".
The name has to be unique, i.e. "Tdisplay" cannot be used for 2 different descriptions. See Description Resource for more information.
[in]iconThe icon for the tag. The bitmap is copied.
The icon should be of size 32x32, but will be scaled if needed.
It must also be 24 bits and should if possible include an alpha to support pattern backgrounds.
[in]disklevelThe plugin level is similar to a version number. The default level is 0.
Increase this for new revisions of a plugin to allow for forward and backward compatibility.

As an example you may have updated a plugin. If you now need to write additional information for new settings or changed types for old settings increase the level.
During loading either a 0 is passed (if the file was written by the old plugin) or 1 (if the file was written by the new plugin). This allows to easily write/read new values.
For forward and backward compatibility to work any existing read order from a given level must not be changed. Cinema 4D skips any new settings automatically if they have not been read.

disklevel is only useful if variables are written/read in NodeData::Write/NodeData::Read.
true if the tag plugin was registered, otherwise false.