c4d_commanddata.h File Reference


struct  RestoreLayoutSecret
struct  CommandInformationData
class  CommandData




Bool RegisterCommandPlugin (Int32 id, const maxon::String &str, Int32 info, BaseBitmap *icon, const maxon::String &help, CommandData *dat)
Bool RegisterManagerInformation (Int32 id, const maxon::String &str, Int32 info)

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Special Message To Command to return different Options Icon if PLUGINFLAG_COMMAND_OPTION_DIALOG is set. data = IconData*.



Special tool hotkey overwrite for command plugins.

Function Documentation

◆ RegisterCommandPlugin()

Bool RegisterCommandPlugin ( Int32  id,
const maxon::String str,
Int32  info,
BaseBitmap icon,
const maxon::String help,
CommandData dat 

Registers a command plugin.

[in]idA unique plugin ID. Must be obtained from http://www.plugincafe.com
[in]strThe name of the plugin.
To affect the order that plugins are displayed in menus add "#$n" as a prefix to this name, where n is a number.
Lower numbers are displayed before higher numbers. If name is "--" it will show up as a menu separator.
[in]infoThe command plugin info flags: PLUGINFLAG_COMMAND PLUGINFLAG
[in]iconThe icon for the command. The bitmap is copied.
The icon should be of size 32x32, but will be scaled if needed.
It must also be 24 bits and should if possible include an alpha to support pattern backgrounds.
[in]helpThe tool tips and status bar help text for the command.
When using strings it is advised to use the resources string (.str) files and the GeLoadString() function.
This keeps the plugin easy to localize for any language to support and makes full use of the language features of Cinema 4D.
[in]datThe command data instance for the plugin. Cinema 4D takes over the ownership of the pointed command data.
true if the command plugin was registered, otherwise false.

◆ RegisterManagerInformation()

Bool RegisterManagerInformation ( Int32  id,
const maxon::String str,
Int32  info 

Registers manager information for use when registering shortcuts with AddShortcut().

[in]idA unique plugin ID. Must be obtained from http://www.plugincafe.com
[in]strThe manager name.
[in]infoThe manager info flags: PLUGINFLAG
true if the manager was registered, otherwise false.